Goodlyffe is a feminist software company that believes all people should be empowered to live lives they love.

By building Goodlyffe the right way, we aim to spearhead the movement creating the next wave of companies, a wave rooted in equality, fairness and opportunity as well as building products that delight our users, helping you lead more enjoyable and fulfilling lives.

Living a life you love takes work. The most active people never have enough time and need great tools to help them spend more time on enjoying the important things. Through our products, we aim to use the internet to get you off the internet and into living your life with gusto!

Meet the Founders

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Amie-Rose Long

Product, Design, Marketing

Joel Hooper

Business Administration, Operations, Technology

Amie-Rose loves bringing people together to make beautiful products that delight users and make the world a little bit better.

She is a passionate believer in creating safe spaces in which teams can thrive through open communication, encouragement and continuous learning.

Her commitment to social equality and fairness has heavily shaped the values of Goodlyffe. Beyond Goodlyffe, Amie-Rose is Product Manager at Bookatable by Michelin and an active member of the Women in Product community.

“No country can ever truly flourish if it stifles the potential of its women and deprives itself of the contributions of half its citizens” Michelle Obama, Lawyer and Former First Lady

Joel is curious about everything and passionate about discovering ways through which all people can live lives we love together.

His primary interests are discovering non-patriarchal patterns of living and working and giving people tools to help them spend more time participating with the people they care about.

Beyond Goodlyffe, Joel works in business operations at QuintilesIMS and is a Director of the Sharon Faye Foundation, a not-for-profit research institute working on emotional responsiveness.

“Unless we actively challenge the prejudices inherent in social systems, they become a part of our ideas and work” Hanna Naima McCloskey, Founder and CEO, Fearless Futures