“At Goodlyffe, we are determined not to fail anyone of any race, gender, ability or sexual orientation.”

By building Goodlyffe the right way, we aim to spearhead the movement creating the next wave of companies, a wave rooted in equality, fairness and opportunity as well as building products that delight our users, helping you lead more enjoyable and fulfilling lives.
Feminism at Goodlyffe

At Goodlyffe, we are fully committed to equality and diversity and that is why we are building the company based on feminist foundations right from the start.

We believe that most companies are implicitly built on patriarchal models and templates. That is why it is so hard for companies to provide true equality in the workplace. Unfortunately this means that most companies are set up to fail every group other than white men and simply inherit the patterns of prejudice and lack of diversity that are so common in business.

“For many enlightened single-parent feminist mothers with limited economic resources, the effort to consistently map for their sons alternatives to patriarchal masculinity simply takes too much time.” bell hooks

Let’s look at this quote for a minute. Now let’s replace ‘mothers’ with ‘founders’ and ‘sons’ with ‘companies and we see something striking.

Just like the insight from bell hooks above, for founders with limited time, economic resources and too much to do in order to gain traction for their products with customers, building a company on non-patriarchal principles simply takes too much time and there is no blueprint for how to do it.

At Goodlyffe, we are determined not to fail women and people of all races, genders and sexual orientations. We aspire to be a place where talented women come to thrive and do work that they love at a place where they feel good. And we plan to be a launching pad for women to generate their own ideas and build their own companies. This is why we are investing in writing the Goodlyffe Feminist Company Playbook while we build the company.