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Building a Feminist Company: A Playbook for Everyone

Building a Feminist Company: A Playbook for Everyone

As Founders we know there is an incredible amount to do, all the time.

We also know that when starting your company, it’s your heart and soul that you pour into it, your beliefs and grit drive growth and yet,
more often than not, companies that start out well end up growing into the same self-serving beasts:
demanding unreasonable amounts of time and attention, and letting down the majority of
their employees with inflexible policies and unjust reward systems.

We believe there is a better way.

Building companies is not just about what you sell anymore; it’s about who you are.

It’s about what you believe in and taking a stand. The Feminist Company Playbook will help you:

By creating a positive and empowering environment, you can guarantee that the business you build and love will love you back.

Let us help you build something that matters.